Mulching can make a big difference in the success of your landscape. Mulches conserve soil moisture, allowing you to water less often; keep down weeds; reduce erosion; keep roots cool; provide winter protection; and make your yard more attractive.
Sawdust is often readily available and may be helpful in acidifying the soil around  blueberries , strawberry, azaleas and other acid-loving plants. A 3- 6- inch layer of sawdust does work well for mulching pathways.
Sawdust and shavings is also used for the bedding needs of area farmers. Sawdust and Shaving products are excellent for calves and horse owners. We also deliver sawdust to chicken houses. Most of our sawdust is composed of various hardwood species. (No Walnut).

Mulch  8.00  per yard
Re-ground Mulch 40.00 bucket
Sawdust 6.00   per yard
Shavings 8.00   per yard
Chips 11.00   per yard
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